Birds of Fall Outfitters, LLC
Windsor, CO

Fully Guided Waterfowl Hunts in Northern Colorado
When you book your goose hunt with us you can expect a hunt with birds back pedaling over the decoy spread with their feet down ready to join their look-a-likes on the ground for a bite to eat.  Little do they know you are concealed in the pit blind ready to spring into action at the guides command "KILL'EM!!!"

Our hunting locations range from North of Wellington to South of Greeley.  You will hunt in harvested corn, wheat or barley fields.  Most of our fields have pits.   On occasion we will hunt out of A-frame blinds or layouts. Heaters will be provided for your comfort while in the field.  Our fields are scouted every day to ensure we are in the location the birds want to be in.  You will hunt over decoy spreads that could range from 2-70 dozen decoys.  We use full body, silhouettes and shell decoys to make our decoy spreads look just like the real thing.  Our guides are some of the best goose callers in the area and know just what to say to the in coming birds to put them in your face.  With our hard work, love and dedication to the sport you can rest assured you will be getting the best goose hunting experience money can buy.

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Thanks again Steve for a wonderful hunt! For me it was a privilege to hunt with one of the best. We are looking forward for the next hunt with you.  

Tom L, Colorado